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Ready to hit your first $10k in your online business?

Your Coach, mel

I’m a mum of two that deeply values her freedom. I'm driven by the desire to help everyday women create the money & impact that you’re meant for so you can create a life & biz beyond your wildest dreams.

When I first got started I bought the “freedom” dream of having an online biz.

I was done trading time for money in a soul sucking corporate job.

After investing a huge amount of time and money, I sold my first high ticket coaching program, making more money in one day than I previously had in an entire month of my corporate job.

Then I watched my clients finally able to ditch the 9-5, replace their income, retire their husband, work on their dream biz every day and scale to $10k and beyond and I was beyond inspired.

Now I want to help as many women as possible to share their unique expertise with the world, so they can ditch the 9-5 grind and have the personal and financial freedom that they deserve.

Without burning out.

Because I believe success is an inside job and when you combine the right mindset with the right strategy…

Your success is inevitable!

Mel x